Reviews for Ponta do Sol

Ponta do Sol

Ponta do Sol
Appreciation 8.4
Nightlife 4.8
Culture 9.1
Surroundings 9.0
Beaches 7.0
Atmosphere 8.4
Care for nature 7.0

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Theo en Petra Eerkens
Fantastic island. Worth it. Such friendly people. So much to see. From the dry South part to the rich and green Reberais. The flora is rich there. Delicious food, ncie drinks. The people live there in a primitive way, at least in our eyes. But oh, they're
  • Travel partyWith partner
  • Travel departure dateAugust 2006
Appreciation 8.0
Appreciation 8.0
Nightlife 9.0
Culture 10.0
Surroundings 9.0