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M. Brouwer
A beautiful village, comparable to Zermatt or Saas-Fee in Switzerland. But less expensive and the people are kinder. You can visit the mountain village through the Norish E6 or the airport of Ostersund.
  • Travel partyFamily
  • Travel departure dateFebuary 2007
Appreciation 9.0
Appreciation 9.0
Surroundings 10.0
Atmosphere in village 10.0
Novice ski area 10.0
Advanced ski area 10.0
Apres ski 8.0
Victor Angelier
We traveled thorugh Sweden again. We spent our summer in Are or Eure like they pronounce it. A beautiful village with a view of a large lake. You're able to see the mountain tops with sometimes a little bit of snow. There are several waterfalls and a camp
  • Travel partyWith partner
  • Travel departure dateFebuary 2006
Appreciation 8.0
Appreciation 8.0
Culture 8.0
Surroundings 8.0
After Lake Louise in Canada, this is the most beautiful skiing resort I've been to. From 09.00 to 16.00 o'clock skiing without any interuptions. It's very dark after this time, because it's far to the north. Kind people.
  • Travel party
  • Travel departure dateunknown
Appreciation 10.0
Appreciation 10.0
Atmosphere in village 7.0
Novice ski area 8.0
Advanced ski area 7.0
Apres ski 7.0