Reviews for Rømø


Appreciation 9.0
Nightlife 7.2
Culture 7.4
Surroundings 8.5
Beaches 9.8
Atmosphere 9.5
Care for nature 9.8

3 Reviews

J. Verkade
The surrounding area is just amazing. If you want to go shopping then this isn't the place to come. If you want to do that then Ribe or Esbjerg might be more to your liking.
  • Travel partyFamily
  • Travel departure dateAugust 2007
Appreciation 5.0
Appreciation 5.0
Nightlife 5.0
Culture 5.0
Surroundings 10.0
Beaches 10.0
Albert en Rene
This is an amazing island. The bungalow are lovely and private! This is a great place for a weekend or week of rest and relaxation! This is a great place for people with dogs as there are huge beaches. This is the place for people who want to relax and ar
  • Travel partyWith partner
  • Travel departure dateSeptember 2006
Appreciation 9.0
Appreciation 9.0
Nightlife 3.0
Culture 4.0
Surroundings 9.0
Beaches 10.0
When we were on Romo the weather happened to be awful. We still went to the beach a few times. The beach was large and it was hard. Caravans just drove over it. I really don't think this place is suitable for children. This is the place to come for rest a
  • Travel partyFamily
  • Travel departure dateAugust 2006
Appreciation 6.0
Appreciation 6.0
Nightlife 1.0
Culture 6.0
Surroundings 6.0
Beaches 6.0