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Eben im Pongau

Eben im Pongau

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Alessandro Cervesato
Been going a few years, great ski area, plenty of variety and Eben is deserted so its all for you!
  • Travel partyGroup trip
  • Travel departure dateFebuary 2007
Appreciation 7.0
Appreciation 7.0
Surroundings 9.0
Atmosphere in village 8.0
Novice ski area 9.0
Advanced ski area 6.0
Apres ski 5.0
M. van Rijen
Village with small ski area, station lowkey. In the middle of Amada ski area, if you have the car tour around and find other areas. Eben is deserted so plenty of space. Not for apres ski and part people.
  • Travel party
  • Travel departure dateunknown
Appreciation 7.0
Appreciation 7.0
Atmosphere in village 7.0
Novice ski area 8.0
Advanced ski area 5.0
Apres ski 7.0