Hotel Paradise Holiday Village**

Paradise Holiday Village**
1 Reviews
Appreciation 4.9
Location 5.5
Service 6.1
Value for money 5.4
Food 5.2
Rooms 5.2
Swimming pool 6.7
Hygiene 5.5

1 Review

Never again !!!!
We stayed in this hotel for 3nights - it was booked from my travel agent and unfortunatly we coudlnt change it!!! The Staff at the restaurant were really friendly, the location of the hotel is pretty much good - near the beach, really nice hotel FROM OUTSIDE ... but INSIDE - i cant even describe you! The rooms were DISGUSTING DIRTY!!! The bed linen was so dirty - with oily and blood spots - we asked the reception for a clean one - and everytime they brought us a dirty one - so after the 3rd time we asked they finally gave us one which was little bit better than the others! We found some HUGE cockraches in the rooms as well The AC wasnt working ..- some guy come trying to fix it ... but couldnt .. so we could only use the ofcourse u can imagine how hot was in the room - we even coudlnt sleep in the nights. One the 2nd day we asked for changing the room - cuz the whole night was some really loud noise - coming from the swimming pool pumps - we couldnt rest AT ALL
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  • Travel departure dateMay 2012
Location 6.0
Service 5.0
Value for money 2.0
Food 1.0
Rooms 1.0