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Villa Fortin
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Appreciation 7.6

1 Review

Fortin is basic and ran by 3 brothers.The oldest is ok, however,the 'middle' brother,Orhan(who has been compared to Heir Flick from Allo Allo)has a terrible attitude and complained about how much money he gets from Thomas Cook!.Room,small, minimal and compact, what you would expect from a 1*.Fine,be it for the toilet constantly didn’t flush or continuously ‘trickled’, the hot water wasn’t hot and on 1 occasion there was actually no water coming from any of the hot taps!In fact,I spoke with other guests who had similar problems and even had to have a plumber a couple of times during their stay-wallpaper peeling off where it was stuck to the skirting boards etc.The mosque is less than 80yds from the hotel,booming out at 5am in morning and throughout the day, so its impossible to have a 'siesta' to catch up on your sleep, even with door/windows shut-if its not the mosque waking you up,its the maid and her vacuum cleaner or banging on your door for towels. i would avoid it like the plague!
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  • Travel departure dateJuly 2011
Appreciation 2.0
Appreciation 2.0
Location 4.0
Service 2.0
Value for money 2.0
Food 1.0
Rooms 1.0