Rio de Janeiro

Hotel Astoria Palace****

Astoria Palace****
1 Reviews
Appreciation 8.0

1 Review

We spend 4 days at the Astoria Palace at Rio de Janeiro. This should have been "the place to be". We disagree with that. The sound of the lift ruined our rest at night. When we complained about it the said "we DO need a lift" (they were right about that, with 14 floors). We food was okay, the personnel was okay, the location was a bit remoted, although it was located next to the Copacabana. Huge strolls or many taxi trips were needed. Rio de Janeiro itself was just great. A city next to the beach with that much atmosphere!
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Appreciation 6.0
Appreciation 6.0
Service 6.0
Value for money 2.0
Food 8.0
Rooms 1.0
Child friendly 7.0