Side / Titreyengol / Colakli / Sorgun

Hotel Side Mare Family Resort & Spa*****

Side Mare Family Resort & Spa*****
1 Reviews
Appreciation 8,9
Location 8,6
Service 9,0
Value for money 8,9
Food 8,7
Rooms 8,9
Child friendly 9,2
Swimming pool 9,3
Hygiene 7,9

1 Review

Location on the hotel is a bit disappointing, the distance to the beach is at least 500-600 metres. Rooms were spacious and clean, nice hotel and pools. Food was minimal for a 5* hotel, every day chicken (but nicely prepared), tiny pieces of beef (1cm), fries were always lukewarm even if they just arrived from the kitchen. Breakfast was sumptuous though. I feel that if you're in a 5* hotel this should show and not only during the high season but also in the fall (the price is not so high, but you have to bear in mind the weather, less entertainment and no outdoor activities). Is it like this in other hotels outside Turkey?
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Appreciation 8,0
Appreciation 8,0
Location 6,0
Service 8,0
Food 6,0
Rooms 8,0