Rio de Janeiro

Hotel Othon Travel Savoy***

Othon Travel Savoy***
2 Reviews
Appreciation 7.1

2 Reviews

Reasonable hotel. The personnel was friendly and helpful. Like in the most hotels the lobby was luxurous and pretty. The rooms were less beautiful. We stayed in room 3 (the floor wasn't important), but that wasn't a good choice. Rooms 3-6 were located on the street side and that street was very noisy. So sleeping was hard. The room was quite big, including a couch and table with 2 chairs. The bathroom wasn't great. You had to stand in the bath to shower. The whole place got wet. Not great, but we had worse. The breakfast was big and good. You could make your own toasted ham and cheese sandwich if you wanted and the buffet was unlimited.
  • Travel partyWith partner
  • Travel departure dateAugust 2007
Appreciation 8.0
Appreciation 8.0
Location 9.0
Service 7.0
Value for money 7.0
Food 8.0
Rooms 6.0
A bad hotel. There was absolutely nothing to do there. The bar in the lobby was very small. The rooms were also very small. We couldn't open the mini bar, because the bed was blocking it. Very niceā€¦not. Good thing was that it was close to the Copacabana beach, a nice place to be. A good spot for the other excursions, all nearby. You should go to restaurant Monaco, for a nice meal (around the corner). Super nice food and very friendly personnel. They kept filling your plate.
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  • Travel departure dateunknown
Appreciation 8.0
Appreciation 8.0
Location 9.0
Service 8.0
Value for money 8.0