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Hotel Othon Travel Aeroporto

Othon Travel Aeroporto
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Appreciation 4.0

1 Review

The very noisy Aeroporto Othon
We fortunately only had to stay at this hotel for one night. The hotel itself is average. The room we had was at the front of the hotel and the bed was like sleeping on a plank of wood, ive never been in a bed like it. If that wouldnt be enough to stop you sleeping, the noise would. The hotel is right on a hugely busy stretch of road and we were kept awake by lorries and cars ALL night. The brazilians like to use their horns so there was no let up in the racket. Overall this hotel wasnt value for money and Im sure you could find better ones for a similar price.
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  • Travel departure dateJanuary 2009
Appreciation 4.0
Appreciation 4.0