Içmeler (Marmaris)

Hotel Navy**

3 Reviews
Appreciation 7.5

3 Reviews

turk ganger
Breakfast was really nice and the rooms were really clean. The staff were nice but dinner was jus awful as there wasn't enough selection. The manager was grumpy and his wife was arrogant and didn't even say hello. This hotel is geared towards English guests. I think this is the worst part of Turkey and I will never come to Marmaris and Icmeler every again.
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Appreciation 7.0
Appreciation 7.0
Location 8.0
Service 8.0
Food 2.0
Rooms 8.0
It really was a bad hotel, but the price is right. In Turkey you also need to pay for quality, so for little money, little quality.
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Appreciation 1.0
Appreciation 1.0
Location 3.0
Service 3.0
Value for money 8.0
Food 1.0
Rooms 2.0
Baetens Bie
What some people say here is bull. The staff is always friendly and in a good mood. The food is good and the rooms are fine all the time. If you are friendly the people there will be as well.
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  • Travel departure dateSeptember 2006
Appreciation 9.0
Appreciation 9.0
Location 9.0
Service 9.0
Value for money 9.0
Food 9.0
Rooms 9.0