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Quiet place, relaxing atmosphere
In the morning you can swim at the magnificent beaches of Mavra Volia and Foki, in the evening you can enjoy the specialties of the local tavernas, and at night you can sit on your balcony and enjoy your wine with the only sounds the sounds of nature ... well not always from what I heard ... sometimes there is folk dancing festivals that last till the next morning ....
  • Travel partyFamily with young children
  • Travel departure dateJuly 2014
Appreciation 10.0
Appreciation 10.0
Nightlife 5.0
Culture 10.0
Surroundings 9.0
Beaches 10.0
Atmosphere 10.0
Care for nature 10.0
Peaceful harbour town in the south east of Chios. 4 tavernas and a bakery. Time stood still here, no mass tourism. No shops, discos, great! Very nice locals. Mavra Volta is a volcano beach. Black round stones. Not suited for kids. Crystal clear water, lov
  • Travel party
  • Travel departure dateunknown
Appreciation 8.0
Appreciation 8.0
Nightlife 1.0
Culture 2.0
Surroundings 9.0
Beaches 8.0