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Svoboda nad Úpou

Svoboda nad Úpou

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R Houterman
The village is really boring. It feels really Eastern European. There is one supermarket which has lots of nice stuff. This place is only 3 km from Janske Lazne which is a really nice place to go skiing. I can recommend picking up your skiing pass on Satu
  • Travel partyFamily
  • Travel departure dateFebuary 2008
Appreciation 5.0
Appreciation 5.0
Surroundings 4.0
Atmosphere in village 1.0
Novice ski area 10.0
Advanced ski area 7.0
Apres ski 3.0
This is a suburb of Janske Lazne and it's on the main road near Pec Pod. Not much atmosphere and the village doesn't really have a centre. It's an ideal base for trips to Pec or Janske especially when you hire a bungalow just outside the village. The hote
  • Travel partyFamily
  • Travel departure dateDecember 2006
Appreciation 5.0
Appreciation 5.0
Surroundings 9.0
Atmosphere in village 5.0
Novice ski area 7.0
Advanced ski area 7.0
Apres ski 5.0
Allard Nieburg
Svoboda is a really boring place. It has a small bowling alley, like they have on Campsites, and they don't have any apres ski. The Czech people don't seem to be very friendly. The lifts in Janske Lazne are open between 08.00 and 16.00. There isn't much
  • Travel party
  • Travel departure dateunknown
Appreciation 5.0
Appreciation 5.0
Atmosphere in village 4.0
Novice ski area 6.0
Advanced ski area 5.0
Apres ski 4.0