Holiday park Danland Rim Rømø

Danland Rim Rømø
1 Reviews
Appreciation 7,1
Location 7,1
Service 6,7
Value for money 7,0
Child friendly 7,7
Activities 6,7
Housing 7,2
Swimming pool 10,0

1 Review

The island is worth visiting. The park wasn't. The developers succeeded to create a boring park. It's very noise there, especially in the weekend, when big groups visit the park. I understand that they deserve some fun too, but because of the way the park is built, it can get bothersome. The roads are made out of pebbles, so a lot of noise and dust (all day long). We booked our house (nr.78) via a tour operator. Messy interior, everything you needed was there, but some things didn't fit the style of other things. The bed was old and shabby, there's an extra bed in the hall! Bad cleaning, there were still some things from the previous owner. The pool is okay, but that was not the reason we came to Denmark. My advise: visit the island, but rend a holiday home via the local offices. A much prettier house for the same price. Have fun on this island, but avoid this park.
  • Travel partyWith partner
  • Travel departure dateMay 2008
Appreciation 5,0
Appreciation 5,0
Location 6,0
Value for money 3,0
Child friendly 6,0
Housing 4,0