Hotel Pullman Sydney Hyde Park

Pullman Sydney Hyde Park
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Appreciation 3.0

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Waited and waited
We were dropped off via limo for a special few days in Sydney. We waited around 30-mins with the only explanation "your room is not ready yet". I then insisted on being told something and was told that only the manager could speak with me and he was busy. I waited some more. When the manager spoke to me he said that the room was not available but if I came back in around 50mins it would be ready, and to wait 2mins more and he would come back to speak with me. After 10mins passed we needed to be somewhere so we explained at the front desk that we would return in an hour. We returned as promised and were told, guess what, to wait, the manager was on a call. After some time passed the manager came out and told us that our room would not be available. The entire time they had my phone number and at no time, pre-checkin or when we were told to return in 50mins, did they call. We were expected to wait around until the one person that was allowed to talk to us was available. At this point the manager was very apologetic and offered us a room at another hotel, they also paid for our cab ride there (which negated all the money I spent booking a limo). Hardly the afternoon I wanted to spend in Sydney, having gone to the effort to make it feel very special for a special occasion. Ok you are thinking - wouldn't happen to me, I'm a member? Me too, a silver one. In the 100's of times I have stayed in hotels all around the world, I have never been turned away. Pay in full ahead of time to secure the room you say? I did. That's right, they gladly took my money weeks in advance and held onto it, but didn't bother keeping me a room. How was the hotel I was sent to? The hotel itself was lovely, but the room was absolutely not the standard that I booked in the Pullman. I booked a spa room with a view of the park. Instead I got no spa and a view of the next building. The manager at the Pullman initially offered 'anything I wanted' at the alternate hotel, but as soon as I agreed to stay there all offers were taken off the table, and I was offered 'what I had booked at the Pullman'. As it turned out, I do not feel that I was even given that. I received no refund, no voucher for a future stay, much apology and a long wait in the lobby. Since I did not get past reception, I cannot comment on the rooms. I did want to share my experience because prior to this I did not think that hotels turned away guests who had paid for their room in advance. It is my hope that this information in relation to the Pullman is of interest to you. Obviously, I will not return.
  • Travel partyFamily with young children
  • Travel departure dateJanuary 2017
Appreciation 3.0
Appreciation 3.0
Location 7.0
Service 1.0
Value for money 1.0