Hotel Castle Inn & Suites**

Castle Inn & Suites**
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Appreciation 6.9

1 Review

Hen Khean
Hotel with a castle exterior!
We didn't like the Castle Inn but the staffs at the reception were very helpful and nice! It is very run down.Rooms are dark, carpet old & wall/windows very thin! The structure of the building doesn't look steady!! We spent 4 nights and wish we could move out but the other hotels nearby were either fully booked or expensive. The first night was fine but on the second night, we had to endure a couple, staying next door, fighting in the middle of the night!! They were at the corridor exchanging words, so loud and then banging doors! It lasted for about half an hour,super inconsiderate! They continue to squabble in the room. We were really disturbed! The only consolation we had was it is very near to Disneyland and a great pizza shop just next door. Not valued for $91+++/night.
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Appreciation 4.0
Appreciation 4.0