Aparthotel Divi Flamingo Beach Resort***

Divi Flamingo Beach Resort***
2 Reviews
Appreciation 8.0
Location 9.1
Service 7.6
Value for money 7.1
Food 7.8
Rooms 7.5
Child friendly 7.7
Swimming pool 8.3
Hygiene 8.0

2 Reviews

Chantal Uijtendaal
We stayed here from 3-17 June 2008. A very nice resort! Small beach with a pier, fine. We had booked the Deluxe room. Luxury-wise you shouldn't expect too much, the sea view was great. Your balcony literally borders the sea. Breakfast is fine, even though you can have a decent breakfast at City Café for 16 dollars/person. The food in Divi is not great. Especially because you can eat well in the neighbourhood. Divi Dive is very good. They rent decent material, are relaxed and helpful. You get a locker where you can store your (rented) gear during your stay. Also on days when you're not diving. You just have to inform them so that they won't charge anything. The staff at Divi is very friendly. The location is excellent, in 5-10 minutes you're in Kralendijk. You should definitely eat at: Donna & Georgia, City Café, Salsa, Patagonia and most of all the Tepanyaki table at the Japanese restaurant.
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Appreciation 8.0
Appreciation 8.0
Location 9.0
Service 10.0
Food 5.0
Rooms 7.0
H. Meun
We had booked a standard room. 2 small beds. You couldn't sleep in them with 2 so we were forced to sleep in separate beds ;). And that on your honeymoon! :D. Very outdated 70s decoration, dark brown and green colours. The entire hotel could do with some renovation. If you had a room downstairs you first had to descend via a stairwell which doesn't look very pretty anymore. The rooms were clean though. Indeed, the view is very nice and every room has sea view as far as we could tell. Tiny beach and pier where you could use sun beds. It was great for a swim though. Close to Kralendijk, about a 5 minute walk, you get a key to the gate at the side so that it's convenient to walk in that direction. Breakfast was fine, they bake pancakes while you wait. USA-style breakfast. Otherwise the food was also fine, but the food in Kralendijk is not recommendable. Again, it's a fine hotel but not for a 14 day stay. The 5 days we were there were more than enough. And thanks for the free internet!
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  • Travel departure dateApril 2008
Appreciation 7.0
Appreciation 7.0
Location 8.0
Service 7.0
Value for money 7.0
Food 7.0
Rooms 5.0